Ever wondered what it's like to negotiate a startup investment?

Here's your chance to give it a go! SkillsGym has put together a challenge where you can experience being the investor and the startup negotiator.

The session is designed specifically for founders and startup employees that want to practice what it's like to negotiate for an investment AND for individuals who want to learn what it's like to be an investor. 

You and your team will battle against the others in the room to see who comes out with the most favourable outcomes!

Ready to challenge yourself? 


Prizes up for grabs - Watch out for announcements on social media and through our newsletter!


  1. Experience: get negotiation experience both as founder AND an investor.
  2. Investor Ready: as a startup founder or employee, experience what you'll get in the real arena.
  3. Coaching: get coaching by carefully chosen professionals throughout.
  4. Confidence: opportunities to experiment, learn, and improve in a safe environment.
  5. Network: speak with investors and other startup professionals.  
  6. Materials: we share tools and learning material to help you continue your journey.
  7. Feedback: get constructive feedback over the course of the weekend.
  8. Insight: get non-sugar coated insight into both sides of the negotiation. 

Tools you'll apply / learn:

  • Term-sheets
  • Cap tables
  • Pre- and post- money valuation
  • Startup valuation
  • Negotiation

How It Works

Working in teams, participants go through a role play scenario where one team plays the startup and the other the investor. The aim of the game is to strike a deal BUT we know that there will be some challenges along the way.

The Team and Mentors:

Check out who will be attending through our Social Media and Newsletters!


£95 - Includes:

  • Workbook
  • Training + Mentoring by industry professionals
  • Networking opportunities
  • Office Hour with industry professionals
  • Feedback
  • Access to the day and half long SkillsGym Challenge