Get your team performing!

With our bespoke in-house coaching and support


Each module aims to accelerate employees by at least one month of on the job learning.

We believe that showing you or your team how to take control of challenging business situations and teaching them to boost your business can help both your company’s performance and your team’s engagement with your mission. It means that as your business evolves, you can feel confident that your team have the right tools to do well. And if (and when!) the challenges you face evolve, we’re here for refresher sessions.


Outcomes for your Company

A lot of what is being learned through trial and error on the job are soft-skills situations. Why not accelerate your team by giving them some coaching, in situations like:


● How to communicate with clients

● How to manage projects and time

● How to work well in teams

● What the values and culture of the company mean in context

● When and how to take initiative


SkillsGym accelerates ROI for employees by getting them to perform better and more effectively in a faster timeframe. We do this by running training simulations of real work situations. We work directly with employers to focus on the missing skills and create specific scenarios around those. Our approach challenges employees to deliver results in situations they have not otherwise been exposed to.




We work with companies to understand their pain points and how we can help them generate more revenue.


We design simulations of the scenarios causing you the pain points with your employees.


We create bespoke roadmaps for your employees to follow. e.g. 'How manage project XYZ'.


We run soft-skill training sessions based on simulating real work scenarios. 


We ensure that your employees leave the room confident and ready to hit the ground running


We give the employer actionable feedback and metrics.


We help the companies set actionable KPIs and goals to hit. 


We measure the results and the companies reap the benefits. 


Training topics include

●   Critical thinking

●   Complex Problem Solving

●   Service orientation

●   Coordinating with others

●   Communication (clients, colleagues, etc.)

●   Working in a team

●   Leadership

●   Cognitive flexibility

●   Emotional intelligence

●   Judgement and decision making

●   Bespoke challenges