Continuous Learning to help create Impact

SkillsGym helps employees and entrepreneurs develop the skills and experiences to succeed.

We work with companies and teams to make their employees more skilled by simulating real work situations and coaching them to success. Our vision is to positively shape the future of the workplace.  

Accelerating employees and entrepreneurs

People are often trained how to do a job, but not how to do it well.

We get people ready for business situations through simulating business challenges. We do what it takes for people to be “work ready”, and our approach is to focus on teaching soft-skills through real business simulations. We accelerate people to do well by getting them to perform better and more effectively in a faster timeframe.

Business AND Impact

We work with companies to provide training that helps their teams. As part of our mission, for every corporate training session we run, give we provide a version of the training to students and young professionals to help give them insight, experience, and network to increase their chances of success.

What employees and entrepreneurs get through our courses

Get Tools

Get practical tools, frameworks, and structures. Learn innovative ways of thinking and doing to apply to your own work.

Get Skills

Get training and coaching in key soft skills that employers say are missing.



Get Experience

Learn by doing – in our training sessions you’ll practice, in a safe environment simulating the real workplace. 

Get Diagnostics and Feedback

Measurement of what you are good at and where you can improve

Get Coaching

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Get Access to our Network

We encourage peer networking and industry connections, so that people support and help each other to improve beyond the training.

What employers and team leaders get

Increase Team Performance

Each training module accelerates employees development by one month of on the job training, saving employers valuable time and money.

Increase Employee Engagement

Valuable employee training is a key expectation in the workplace of the future. By providing this, employee engagement will increase.

We provide a mentoring and peer community learning, so that the company can focus on it’s business

Improved Employee Experience

We help the company improve their development process by delivering meaningful assessments and diagnostic reports. These can help to inform internal review processes and improve employee experience


How We Work

Client + SkillsGym + Skills / Industry Expert = SkillsGym Business Simulation of Client Challenge

  • Our clients provide us with their business challenge they want to be simulated in the training sessions.
  • SkillsGym work with the clients to determine their desired outcomes, we create a training programme and metrics to achieve and measure these. 
  • Industry experts, working with SkillsGym facilitators, will perfect the business simulation and run the sessions to help achieve the desired outcomes. 

Who We've Worked With

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And Students From:



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