Our Mission

The SkillsGym Business Innovation Academy stems from over 30 years of combined experience among our co-founders in the fields of strategic business improvement and training.

Unlike many business education providers, our team have built, grown and sold businesses themselves. Their motivation is to pass on real world experience and help their clients succeed. They openly share their successes and more importantly their failures with their clients.

We work tirelessly with successful business owners, investors, operators, thought leaders and academics to design and deliver business education solutions that truly add value and ultimately make a difference to your bottom line.


Key Benefits

Community & Networking

community & networking

Physical Workshop

Physical Workshops

innovative Training Solutions

high quality trainers

High Quality Trainers

innovative training solutions

Various Sectors & industries

various sectors & industries

Affordable Memebrship

affordable membership


Why us?


We bring a unique experiential approach to our training. Unlike other corporate training providers, our training and workshops are hands on, experiential and engaging.  As a result, attendees are able to apply what they learn immediately, leading to faster and better results. 


We bring you opportunities to create meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals, offering unique networking environments to elevate your experience in each of our events. We believe that peer-learning is hugely important and continues past sessions.


Our trainings cross polinates best practices from across different industries and practices, for example even drawing on sports psychology or introducing hospitality practices to customer service in other industries so our attendees become innovators within their sectors. 


Partners & Associates

clients we have worked with


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